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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Emilie Werner

"Emilie is another gem to work with at Perry & Co.  She is talented, willing and patient.  Thank you for an impressive marketing team."

Tim Nowak

"This is a shout out to Tim.  He assisted in coordinating a great company and agent for my niece. In May, my grandniece called to say they wanted to buy real estate in Idaho.  Laramie and Erik had an unfortunate experience in Utah several months ago and ended up losing their deposit.  When I heard this, I talked with them and let them know when they were ready to look again, I would use my connections to find them a great real estate agent. Not just anybody would do in this situation.  I called Tim and he was given a long list of requirements.  Tim personally knew the relocation director in Boise, which made a difference.  The director contacted me within an hour to discuss the agent he had carefully selected for my niece.  

"With limited inventory, a competitive market, and a list of specifics; Laramie and Erik ended up with a beautiful property and a wonderful experience.  They close next week.  Timing was important because their first baby is due in four weeks.  I am grateful they were well taken care of during the process, thanks to Tim. "Working with Tim is a genuine pleasure.  He is professional, dedicated, well-connected, and respected in the Relocation Network. 

"Tim goes above and beyond for the agents at Perry.  His door is always open.   No matter when I reach out to him; he promptly responds with an answer.   It is clear Tim puts his heart and soul into his work, and cares about every person connected to the relocation transaction.  We are fortunate to have Tim representing the Perry & Co Relocation Department."

Tim Nowak

"Working with Tim Nowak our Relocation Director is such a pleasure! Tim is thorough in every thing he does. He is available 24/7 to answer any questions we may have. It’s such a joy to have such prompt response. Tim goes the extra mile, including showing a property when we were unable! We are so Thankful for all Tim does!"

Jon Larrance

“Jon, I wanted to give you a shout out and say thank you for a job well done.

“Thank you for hiring wonderful and talented people to support the agents at Perry.  It has made a difference in my business.  The character, knowledge, and sincerity of all the staff members at Perry & Co. is exceptional.

“From the moment I first walked in the door at Perry & Co. Headquarters, I felt welcomed.  Looking for a great real estate company to be associated with in Denver, was a process I started by checking with the Alain Pinel Relocation Department.   What company was Alain Pinel sending their Denver referrals to: Perry & Co. They went on to say they were “very impressed” with Perry & Co.  As I continued my investigation, other sources also recommended Perry & Co.   

“Coming from an outstanding locally owned Bay Area Company where we had top technology, marketing, large offices and the list goes on; I had some concerns about making a change to a small company.  The transition from being a successful agent in California and then starting again in a different state has had its challenges.  Jon, you along with the team-oriented environment and outstanding staff has made a difference.

“Early on when I had the opportunity to get listings from a local builder, I was still living in California.  You organized a group meeting with the Perry & Co. Marketing Department which impressed the client and we secured the business.  Thank you. 

“During COVID when I didn’t have hand sanitizer or wipes and couldn’t get them; you delivered them to my doorstep.  Thank you!  It is evident by your actions that you care deeply about this company and the people who work with you. 

“Perry & Co. may be small, but it is mighty.  The talented marketing department produces exceptional content.  The Perry client parties are well attended and enjoyed by all.  Tim does an outstanding job with the relocation department and representing Perry & Co. around the nation.  Jennifer is a caring and intelligent manager.  Celia is my right hand and I could not have made a smooth transition without her assistance.  Providing Perry & Co. agents with the best transaction coordinators in the business is a brilliant business decision.

“Thank you, Jon.”

John Keene

"John was amazing to work with. He stuck with us for months in a very competitive market and walked us through every step of the way. He helped us purchase our first home with satisfactory service. Thank you John!"

Adisson Adair

"My family recently moved to Colorado from Connecticut and we were lucky enough to have Adisson Adair help us through the long distance home buying process. Adisson was super knowledgeable, incredibly patient and responsive to all our questions and concerns, and was really invested in helping us find the right home for us. Her honesty, commitment, and professionalism made us have 100% confidence in here - which was well placed for sure. Adisson made this transition as smooth and painless as possible - and even fun. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a home, and would use her again in the future should the need arise!"

Niels Oomkes

"Very happy with the the transactions! Niels was knowledgable and extremely helpful though the process".

Dave Browning

"Dave Browning was responsive showed us numerous houses all over the metro area. He was timely on appointments and also went and previewed several houses upon our request saving us time as we lived out of the area"

John Keene

"John is an excellent real estate agent. He is very responsive, professional, and knowledgeable about our local market. He gave us great advice in all aspects of our purchase including negotiations with the seller. I would recommend John to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."

Merritt Pullam

"Merritt is the best possible agent! He went above and beyond tracking down permit questions and talking with city staff to understand property issues as thoroughly as we possibly could. He was thoughtful about his advice - making sure that he was giving me all the important information, but also providing me space to make sure my decisions were my own. Even during a pretty challenging time, Merritt made sure the whole process was as easy and streamlined as possible. Wonderful experience!"

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