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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Vivian DePaola

“After two years of finalizing a rather involved divorce proceeding, I found that I have become a veteran of the Colorado Court system. In addition, I am the CFO of a private equity venture establishing itself in the international money transfer business in Littleton, Colorado. The personal energy and resources consumed in such a dual venture is palatable. That is who I am.   “What I am writing today, concerns who Vivian Depaola is. As a result of the relocation of the Private Equity (PE) money transfer company, I was making a considerable commute from my downtown condo on Cheesman Park to the newly established headquarters of the PE group in Littleton. Between the demands of the job, the commute, and the civil proceedings that I was closing, I could do little but get up each morning, stay on the treadmill, and fall exhausted to sleep each evening.   “In a passing social moment, I mentioned my daily routine to Vivian. Venting that I was ready for a change, but had no time to change, I described to Vivian what I believed to be a hopeless cycle of civil and domestic challenges. I wanted out of the density of downtown, I wanted peace, quiet, and beauty …but found it all outside of my reach. I could not envision having the time to get my condo “show ready” nor having the time to find the right home, which I only knew from a soul source and not from anything which a professional could use directionally, logistically, or otherwise.   “What happened after meeting with Vivian was in a word, synchronicity. Vivian aligned professional resources that came in and took the burden of getting the condo ‘show ready’ off my shoulders. I came home one day to a condo arranged and staged fit for an episode on Colorado Living.   “Next, Vivian checked in with me on my schedule and how I might take a lunch here, an evening dinner there, a full morning next week, and full day two weeks from Saturday. This fragmented approach to my schedule worked, and I was able to view 75 homes in the course of just a few weeks. While it may sound daunting to have that many interruptions to your schedule, Vivian made those disruptions seamless and fun. She had previewed all of the houses, refined her previews as she got to know my tastes, and always had lunch and coffee packed in her car so that physical demands of the process were never an issue.   “We laughed and dreamed every day. It was an oasis from the demands of my personal and professional life. In sum, Vivian found a cash buyer for my downtown condo, and managed the expectations of that buyer with little input from me. Further, she found the hermitage of beauty and peace that I had so longed for, for sale, but in a hot market which needed attention to the decision process. With extreme patience, diligence, integrity, long hours, tenacity, and a profound sense of ‘customer service’, Vivian Depaola negotiated the cash sale of my condo downtown and the purchase of my current home with grace and passion such that I did not have to store my personal belonging for longer than one week. One day I looked up, and all my desire for change had occurred.   “My downtown condo was sold for top dollar, ‘AS IS’ with only reasonable inspection requests deferred to. I now live in the historic, charming addition of Orofino Court/ Place in beautiful Castle Pines, Colorado. Thank you, Vivian Depaola. You have changed my life.”

Cindy Webb

"Cindy was a great asset in selling my home to my daughter and her husband.  I travel and would not have been able to draw up any of the documents, meet with the appraiser and work so closely with the lenders my daughter and her husband used.  She ensured that all the documents and meeting were completed in a timely fashion.  She was able to escalate the closing since my daughter was leaving for a 2 week vacation the middle of August.  To top it off, I needed to sign the papers on a different day than the buyers and Cindy arranged for that to happen also. "This is the second time I have used Cindy services.  I would recommend her to any of my friends that need a Realtor."

Kim Hutchins

"Kim is an excellent realtor. We were fortunate enough to be connected with Kim for our recent home purchase. She is a wonderful listener, (she hears every detail you tell her and she remembers it) she is fun, buying a house was never stressful with her, it was a fun adventure, and she offers fantastic advice and is thorough and honest. Her communication is top notch; she takes all of the guesswork and anxiety out of the various stages from contract to purchase. And most important is her personal touch, I felt more like a friend than a client. Kim is awesome."

Christine Trigg

"My wife, 2 cats, and I are finally settled in our new home in Centennial, CO. If it wasn't for Christine Trigg, I don't know what we would have done, or where we would have settled. She is just an amazing, energetic, and knowledgeable person, as well as a true real estate professional. She has spent countless hours searching for and visiting houses on our behalf to find the "right one" for us. At the "drop of a hat", she would schedule a visit to a home and give us a "FaceTime tour" (we lived in Los Angeles). Christine understood our wants and needs, and didn't waste our time on unnecessary visits. She is a credit to your organization, and we would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in this area. We greatly appreciate all her hard work, and are proud to call her our friend."

Claire Averill

"Someone once told me 'that you don’t know a good real estate agent until you have had a bad one'. Well, I can tell you that after having had both now, that I am so glad to have found Claire Averill from Perry & Co.  "Claire is a standout from the others that I have worked with and met. Her attention to detail, calm personality and guidance through the purchase of my new home was a tremendous find. She was accessible, knowledgable and followed up with each detail. THANK YOU, Claire! It was great working with you!"

Katie Thomas

"Working with Katie made selling and renting our house easy. She's the whole package! She was always very attentive to our needs, and kept up good lines of communication. She's professional, but fun to work with too! We can't thank her enough!!!"

Tammy Bender

"Tammy did an excellent job helping us find a place we can call home. We looked at many homes in a pretty short amount of time and she was very accommodating to our schedules.  Tammy was very helpful when it came to explaining different housing questions such as the pros/cons of the different exterior materials and basement finishes that we were unfamiliar with because we are not originally from this area/climate. She was also very knowledgeable of the different areas we looked at and told us all about the amenities that would be available to us and the schools that were around.  We always valued her opinion/information. We could tell she really cared about our needs and wants. She was very quick to respond through email/text whenever we had a question or needed help. We would definitely use her again and will recommend her to our friends and family."

John Keene

"Thank you John. Even though we were just purchasing a small apartment you treated us as though we were buying a million dollar home. You were professional, friendly, patient and made it so that I didn't have to worry about anything. Since we are a retired military family we have met a lot of realtors and bought a number of homes. You are my absolute favorite realtor. Thank you for your stellar character, your kind manner, your attention to detail and your service to our country both as a law enforcement officer and a marine. I love meeting someone like you. Thank you for guiding me at a time when life is particularly hectic and I need a lot of guidance. God bless you."

Carla Bartell

"We wanted to share our thoughts regarding our experience working with Carla Bartell on our recent relocation from the NY area to Denver.  We began working with Carla in the fall of 2014 as we prepared for an eventual move to Denver and wanted to get a sense of the area, potential neighborhoods in which to live, the general real estate market and pricing across the area.  Carla worked with us over the next 10 months until the closing on our new house in Cherry Creek North (CCN) in mid-July 2015.  "Initially, Carla sent us listings via email and later as we made 3 separate house hunting trips,  she showed us homes in several potential neighborhoods, including their pros and cons and what the real estate market was like.  We determined fairly quickly that we wanted to live in CCN but we were not in a position to make offers on homes on the market, as our house in NY wasn’t listed yet and we were unsure of the eventual move date.  Over the next 9 months, Carla continuously sent us listings and showed us homes remotely (using FaceTime) so we could get a sense of what was happening in the market and pricing trends.  "During this long process, Carla was extremely patient and supportive and never got frustrated when we either didn’t like many houses for a variety of reasons, or those we did like, we weren’t in a position to make an offer.  When we finally made an offer on the house we purchased, Carla quickly and efficiently got us all of the support we needed during the process as out of town buyers, including identifying and scheduling the inspection, roof inspection, radon inspection, contractors to provide estimates on issues that had to be repaired, etc…  Carla was also very effective when we needed to negotiate with the sellers on items identified during the inspections.  We recommend Carla Bartell enthusiastically to any buyer, especially people new to the Denver area who are looking for a very friendly, patient and warm realtor."

Cindy Webb

"Cindy spent over a year with us as we looked for a new house. Yikes! That's a long time to be looking for a house! We finally found the right one. We just about bought one that would have required a LOT of work to complete the basement. Good thing we decided that maybe we shouldn't buy that one. Cindy was there as we searched -- listening to our comments, our complaints, our "no, it's not the right house" ... and never, ever being judgmental. She just took us as we came ... day after day after day as we continued to look. Thank you, Cindy, for hanging in there with us until we found the right fit. We appreciate your talking to us, your sense of what we needed and, mostly, we appreciate you!"

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