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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Betsy Lutz

“There isn’t a Realtor in Denver nicer or easier to work with than Betsy Lutz.  For over 30 years, Betsy has helped other nice people buy and sell homes in Denver’s core neighborhoods. Betsy prides herself on providing memorable service combined with an upfront and honest attitude in all situations. That’s why Betsy’s clients come back to her for all their real estate needs time and time again.”

Cindy Webb

“Cindy Webb is someone who always answers the phone when you call. She is responsive and engaged at all times, and her real estate clients are pleasantly surprised to find that she stays that way through their entire home buying or home selling process. Cindy is also patient and will continue to search for your perfect property until the day that she finally hands you the keys at the closing table.  Her persistence and willingness to add another happy client to her list is remarkable.  You should give Cindy a call now and test my words.”

Tammy Bender

“Tammy Bender knows how to provide great customer service. That skill comes partly from her years in high-end retail sales.  Beyond that it comes from Tammy just plain being a nice person.  Tammy also knows what makes a house ‘a home’ and she uses that knowledge to help her clients secure a home that meets both their aesthetic desires and their functional needs.  For her home selling clients Tammy is great at making small design recommendations that really make the house memorable to potential buyers.  It’s that attention to detail that continues to earn Tammy high praise from her clients.”

Tammy Bender

"My wife and I recently started the home buying process during the winter, which can be a tough time to find the perfect home. Of the hundreds of companies, a friend recommended we try Perry & Co; we were assigned Tammy Bender as our Perry & Co. Broker Associate. In short, Tammy was absolutely amazing. We started our house search during the holidays and Tammy was always available by phone and in person. The online portal that was developed was constantly updated by the hour with listings that were a very good fit for our requests. As we toured houses, not only was Tammy extremely professional but she was also tremendously accommodating. Tammy would meet us after work and on weekends to take us all over the south Denver, Castle Rock, and Parker areas. We toured through many homes and despite additional requests to check more homes out, Tammy always remained positive and excited to show us the next listing. We never felt pressured or rushed during the whole process. After several weeks of searching, Tammy found us the home we were looking for. From the start of the home buying process, all the way through the closing, Tammy stayed on top of everything; she helped us every step of the way, which was very comforting as first time home buyers. We feel that Tammy really went the extra mile for us and that we gained a new friendship along with our amazing new home. I would highly recommend Tammy Bender and the Perry & Co. to all home buyers and sellers."

Kim Hutchins

“Having a background in corporate sales and marketing must have taught Kim Hutchins to approach every transaction with a calm head.  You see, Kim is one of those rare professionals that make you feel instantly calm, relaxed and confident that she will look out for you should the road get rocky.  In fact, in today’s low inventory real estate market the road to a smooth closing gets rocky frequently.  Kim has the experience and the market expertise needed to navigate the most difficult home purchase or home sale contracts. You can’t go wrong by asking Kim to be on your side in your most important real estate matters.”

G. Dagley Arnold

“Dagley Arnold is a great listener.  He keeps his ear to the ground and stays up-to-date on all that is happening in the Denver real estate scene. He does this by connecting himself to a multitude of professional and social groups and by paying attention to all things going on around him.  Great listening skills without a compassionate heart would be pointless in real estate endeavors, but rest assured Dagley has both. Dagley is patient and kind to the many clients he serves, always advocating for their best interests.  He is also a trained negotiator.  How many of your friends say they felt pampered and appreciated by their Realtor at the end of their transaction? Well, if they were Dagley’s client, that’s exactly what they say.”

Gina Cornelison

“There are two things that impress me most about Gina Cornelison - her integrity and her caring nature. Gina always does right by her clients and her friends.  Gina cares enough for her buying clients to scour every inch of metro Denver to find them the perfect home within their budget.  For her seller clients, Gina looks after every detail - from staging and photography to accurate pricing - insuring that they complete their sale without any last minute surprises. Gina is a professional Realtor with a heart, and all her former clients will tell you the exact same thing.”

Chuck Anderson

“There are two things you can count on at Perry & Co. - Chuck Anderson and our culture.  Chuck has been with the company almost since day one in 1971. Not only is Chuck utterly dependable but he is a big part of Perry & Co.’s culture.  Chuck always has a positive attitude and always elevates the team with his willingness to help his fellow Realtors.  Chuck’s clients certainly benefit from these two character traits when buying or selling homes.  Afterall, after 40+ years in real estate he knows a thing or two about our city, and a book's worth on how to get his clients the best deal.  Perry & Co. wouldn’t be the same without Chuck.”

Kristi Lucas

“To be honest, we don’t see a lot of Kristi Lucas in the Perry & Co. offices - that’s because she is busy providing her customers with excellent service and in-depth market knowledge.  What we do see are her sales production figures and they continue to impress.  More importantly, the figures represent real families who have successfully bought or sold their home through Kristi. Her high percentage of repeat clients is evidence that Kristi’s solid market knowledge gets them the best price and her positive attitude gives them the best real estate experience possible.”

Jennifer Young

“Jennifer Schell started her real estate career at Perry & Co. in 2002.  Since then Jennifer has excelled at each position she has grown in to.  Today Jennifer shines at being the company Managing Broker by epitomizing the company’s Core Values of ‘Family, Integrity, Innovation and Independence’ in everything that she does.  Jennifer treats every Perry & Co. staff member and Realtor with respect and empathy.  Above all she is a good listener but beyond that she has a talent for getting the best out of the people she works with. Jennifer is a major reason that Perry & Co. is the best real estate brokerage in Denver.”

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