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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Kristi Lucas

"This was our second wonderful experience with Perry & Co. It was an easy decision for my husband and I to enlist Kristi's help because she assisted us in finding our beautiful first home in 2015. When it came time to take advantage of the Denver seller's market and put the house up a few years later in January 2017, she helped us make good choices every step of the way. Kristi is able to present herself in a professional manner while making sure that her clients get the best outcomes. Though the buyers had some difficulty with their lender initially, Kristi gave us the confidence to stay the course and we were able to complete the sale only a few days behind schedule. Had we started from scratch, our time-table could have stretched out for weeks or even months. In addition, Nicole graciously assisted my husband and I as we executed the sale paperwork. She was knowledgeable, kind, and well-prepared for the meeting. Nicole and Kristi clearly communicate and work well together as there were no hiccups in our sale. We have been very satisfied with our multiple experiences with these agents. Should we look to buy again in the Denver market, we will certainly seek the expertise of Perry &Co. Thanks again to the Perry and Co team for helping us buy and sell our home."

Niels Oomkes

"I am happy to provide a testimony regarding my experience with Niels.  I am now convinced that I was very fortunate to have Niels as my realtor.  He has such a pleasant personality, which I picked up on the first day we met.  I have never worked with any realtor prior to Niels, so I really had no point of reference.  But after working with Niels since the fall of 2016, I learned so much, and realize that he is a first class gentleman, and very professional in his line of work.  Niels was so patient with me, even when I was wishy washy, he consistently maintained his pleasant demeanor.   "Niels has so much energy, but he is not antsy...his energy is subtle, and efficient.  He was so accommodating showing me properties, and given that fact that he has a wonderful family to be there for, other clients, and an active lifestyle, it was so incredible how he always, and I mean always, found time to help me in my search.  And...we stayed connected.  I really enjoyed meeting his two girls; as busy as he is, he always found time for them, a quality I really admire, and puts him at the top of the charts in my book.   "I cannot say enough about Niels, so I am glad you asked me for a testimony.  I was not totally cognizant of how wonderful my experience was until you invited me to share my thoughts.   "This is my first home, and I do hope to upgrade in the not too distant future.  You can be sure I will be calling on Perry & Co. (Niels in particular), when I am ready to pursue my next home.  I will also recommend Niels should I become aware of someone looking to purchase property."

Cindy Webb

"I cannot say enough good things about Cindy Webb.  I was a Real Estate broker for 28 years and never experienced anyone in the industry perform the way she does.  She pays great attention to the details from the listing presentation to the final closing of the transaction.  She always responded to questions or concerns the same day they were presented. She is full of ideas as to how to best present the property. If I were still in the real estate business I would incorporate many of her work practices into my business plan. Again, I cannot thank her enough for her dedication and professionalism. Thanks, Cindy."

Cindy Webb

"The minute I met Cindy, I knew this was the agent that we needed to sell my mother's home. The house was a total wreck full of trash. She was very upbeat and explained the entire process of getting ready to list. In less than a week we had the house staged and ready to list. The process of listing the home was a breeze. We simply did it online, as we live out of state. She constantly stayed in touch via email, text, and telephone. The closing on the house was the easiest closing I have ever been involved with. I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone that needs to buy or sell a home. 5 stars for you Cindy!"

Claire Averill

   "Just a note to pass along some observations about our having worked together to successfully purchase a house in Parker.  When looking for a realtor, it seems to me the important qualities are: pleasant to work with; knowledgeable and competent;  sensitive to the clients needs and desires, as well as price parameters; and willing to put in sufficient time and effort.     "We were referred to you by good fortune.  From the first day, it was apparent that we had a good working relationship,  that you were pleasant and easy to work with, and that we would enjoy  working productively together.  After looking at various homes in several areas and developments, it became clear that you were knowledgeable about the areas, relative values, and advantages and disadvantages of each.  You were always sensitive to what we wanted and were looking for, but at the same time, were willing to make helpful observations and suggestions.  Your thoughts on values and prospective offer amounts were very good.    "Probably most important, and helpful, you were willing to put in the time and effort to show us quite a few houses so that we got quite a good feel for the town and development where we wanted to live.  A number of our initial visits were exploratory in nature, since we had not sold our house in AZ, but you were always both willing and happy to take the time to show us numerous additional houses, even without the  possibility of an immediate sale.  You seemed to have a good idea of what we wanted, and ultimately made the excellent suggestion that we look again at a house we had previously seen, which resulted in the sale.  Your negotiations with the listing realtor achieved a successful and desirable result.  Needless to say, we are delighted with the house and expect to be very happy living here.    "It should also be mentioned that your suggestions for various inspectors for this unique house were particularly helpful and appreciated, since there were a number of issues.  These inspectors were not only easy to work with, but excellent at what they did.    "In short, we extremely pleased with and grateful for the relationship and result.  Thank you!"

Christine Trigg

“It’s clear from reading Christine Trigg’s other testimonials that Christine is adored by her clients, It is also clear that Christine is one smart cookie too.  Above all, she knows how to set and manage expectations while being responsive to her client’s needs.  Christine treats all parties with respect and all situations with diligence. With Christine working on your side you can expect that if anything goes less than smoothly in your transaction that Christine will handle it with great skill, composure and resolve.  Perry & Co. prides itself on having the best real estate professionals in the business and we are proud to have Christine Trigg representing our brand in the community.”

Eleni Cummings

“Honestly, I often wonder how our Landmark/DTC office Realtors excelled before we hired Eleni as our Transaction Manager there. Eleni has really brought the level of professionalism and service to our Realtors and clients to new heights.  In fact, we receive positive reviews on her attitude and attention to detail daily. To say that our Realtors have grown to rely on her in ways they never before thought imaginable would be an understatement.  By doing so they have been able to spend more time with their clients getting positive outcomes all the way around.  To a person, we couldn’t be happier with our decision to have Eleni join Perry & Co.!”

Pam Parker

“Pam Parker knows that every real estate client has a unique story and so Pam makes it her goal to know exactly how each home purchase or sale works into the threads of that story.  In fact, there are few Denver Realtors that work harder to find the perfect outcome for their clients than Pam does.  Pam takes on each chapter of the story with adeptness whether it be Negotiator, Therapist, Financial Consultant, Marketeer, Statistician, Historian, or Friend (the list goes on and on).  Pam’s clients consider themselves fortunate to have someone persistent and professional looking after their interests from start to finish. And I’m confidant you will be too.”

Adisson Adair

"My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Adisson on purchasing a home and just recently selling a home. She has been our first and only choice for a realtor, not only because of her skill set, but because of her honesty and integrity. Throughout the process, Adisson demonstrated knowledge of the market, guided our decisions with excellent advice, and listed our house and had it under contract in just a few days. She negotiated the terms and managed the details for completing the process quickly and efficiently. Adisson is a skilled realtor and wonderful person. We look forward to working with her again in the future."

Cindy Webb

"Very courteousness and friendly, could tell Cindy was more concerned about my home buying experience than with her commission. Extremely satisfied overall with the service she provided, would recommend to all my friends and family."

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