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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Jon Larrance

"Perry & Co. offered me the right opportunity at the right time in my career as a Transaction Manager. I was aware of Perry & Co’s respected position in the Denver Real Estate industry, a true leader for over 47 years. Because of Perry & Co’s size, stability and prominence in the Denver Real Estate industry along with being a family owned business this is where I found my greatest joy and satisfaction in being a Transaction Manager.  I immediately was treated like family from Don and Jon Larrance.  The team of agents I work side by side with are some of the brightest professionals in the business, and quite fun too.  The exceptional team I work with has been the finest I have ever worked with.  There is genuine collaboration and teamwork.  We root for each other and always help each other when needed, I have never had a “bad day”.  One last thing to mention is the trust in your skills and your ability to get your job done, there has been no micro management.  That may sound dimunitive, but being at the stage in my career it was a very welcome change from previous real estate offices."

Cindy Webb

"Cindy was very easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Cindy took the time to explain in detail any questions we had. She stayed on top of what we were looking for and worked countless hours to research and look for a home that would fit our needs and preferences. We would recommend Cindy to anyone who is looking for to purchase a house."

Niels Oomkes

"It was a late Sunday afternoon, possibly evening at that point, that we first met Niels. There was no exclusivity contract in place at the time, and we were just mulling the idea of selling our home. We wanted to be closer to the Denver metro area. Our curiosity droves us to see a house, which we loved but could not offer anything at the time. Despite this knowledge, Niels agreed to meet us at the location not knowing if it was true business opportunity or not. That was the first sign to us that he was going to be a great realtor. Before selling our home, he offered a great idea of doing an inspection before putting the house on the market. I always thought the house sells itself, but what I failed to realize is presentation is key. The inspection gave us a strategic advantage to fix critical issues. This made for a quick sale and removal of any surprises. Niels is an agent that works the market and not the other way around. At first sight you see a tall and skinny man, but don’t let the appearance fool you. He is quietly aggressive, sharp, and will not give up until he gets the best deal done. You know you have a great agent when the difference between a sale offer and appraisal value is 10K and somehow end up closing the gap to 1k. Like I said, he works the market not the other way around."

Celia Chavez

"I often refer to the office Celia works in as being 'the epicenter of Perry & Co.' and that's because Celia is doing the heavy lifting tasks of being the primary support system of the individual transaction and of our Realtors.  This is not always an easy feat, yet Celia comes to work every day with a smile on her face and customer service excellence in her heart.  Celia's agents sing her praises daily and say they don’t know how they did their jobs before she arrived. Celia is one-in-a-million and Perry & Co. is lucky to have her.

Kathleen Staker

"Kathleen did an amazing job in working to find us the perfect house. She really listened to our needs from location to type of house and price. She ran up and down the front range previewing houses for us since we lived out of state. She narrowed down homes and found the best choices for me to view in person. I was able to fly up and ended up buying one of the homes she narrowed down for me. She was amazing at getting an inspector in that was very thorough, kept on top of the progress of the items that were found in the inspection with the seller, found a painter and radon company to help us post closing take care of items we wanted to have done. "As someone whose mother is a top realtor in our home city, I have very high expectations for realtors. Kathleen exceeded those expectations time and again. I would highly recommend her to anyone I know who is searching for a home in the greater Denver area. "Thank you to Kathleen for her professionalism and commitment to our house purchase."

Adisson Adair

"Adisson is not only an amazing and professional realtor, but also a joy to work with! She found out what we needed and got us the perfect home with all items on our check list. Not only that she won the bidding war for us and went head to head for us when anything went wrong. If there was a phrase greater than going above and beyond for someone that would be Adisson! She is the only realtor we will ever be working with!"

Suzy & Jim Doerr

"Jim Doerr did a marvelous job from start to finish. Attentive, polite, timely and thorough."

Kristi Lucas

"Kristi Lucas and Nicole Ridley did an outstanding job in all aspects of my new home purchase. As we were buying home from out of state their leg work in helping to locate a home and previewing it ahead of time was invaluable. I highly recommend them!"

Nicole Ridley

"Kristi Lucas and Nicole Ridley did an outstanding job in all aspects of my new home purchase. As we were buying home from out of state their leg work in helping to locate a home and previewing it ahead of time was invaluable. I highly recommend them!"

Adisson Adair

"This was our first time buying home and the process was very overwhelming and a bit scary at the beginning. Once we met with Adisson and she was able to breakdown each step of the process we instantly felt relaxed. She was there for any question at anytime of the day throughout the whole process. She was able to redefine our search over and over again as our needs changed the more we looked at homes. When it came to falling in love with the home that we wanted to be our forever home we are so happy we had Adisson there to battle for us. The process was fast and grueling and we couldn't have done it without her. We were able to get everything on our wish list, win the bidding battle, and get everything we wanted fixed from inspection. From start to finish she had our back through and through and can't wait to work with her again!!"

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