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Follow the Money

While many of the real estate brokerages in Denver have been in business for several years, the stark truth is a majority of them are out-of-state companies that have commoditized the real estate transaction process and, in turn, transfer the revenue they generate to other states and even to other countries through foreign ownership interests! Whether corporate-owned outright or a franchise, apart from the in-state operating expenses needed to keep their local offices running, profit and/or franchising fees from these brokerages leave Colorado and end up elsewhere.

Not All Real Estate Companies Are Equal

"I picked Perry & Co for a few reasons "I wanted a high end brokerage firm so that it supported my goals of selling in the luxury market. Im super picky about marketing and wanted not only a lovely brand that fit me, but the ability to have some flexibility in the way I market (just didnt want to be stuck with my name on something cheesy!), [...]

Jennifer Schell has been promoted to Managing Broker at Perry & Co.

Jennifer Schell has been promoted to Managing Broker from her current position of Staff Manager at Perry & Co. She will manage the brokers at all Perry & Co.s Denver offices helping them with their real estate transactions as well as provide on-going training in sales and contract issues.

5 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Tenant-to-Landlord Relationships

The old clich of the overbearing landlord and dissatisfied tenant is too often considered a harsh reality. However, this only happens if both parties let it be true it doesnt have to be this way at all. Landlords and tenants can have pleasant relationships if they take the right measures. It will make for better business for the property manager and a better living situation for the tenant.

Why Would You Do A 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange When You've Realized No Gain?

With almost all real estate sales involving improved property, there is the recapture of depreciation. Section 1250 of the Internal Revenue Code requires that depreciation be recaptured at the current rate of 25%, which is higher than the current long-term capital gains rate. For this reason, the ability to defer the recapture of depreciation may make a 1031 exchange very attractive.

Perry & Co. 2012 Motivational Quotes For Realtors

The following quotes have been used in the Perry & Co. Real Estate Professionals Weekly Denver Realtor Sales Meeting Agendas. They are included in the weekly agenda in order to motivate company real estate agents and also illustrate the current economic situation in real estate. They are presented together here in chronological order beginning January 4, 2012.

How Would You Dress For Your Interview? Make Sure Your House Is Dressed For Success, Too!

In addition to how one feels when presented with staged home, the designers had hard facts to support how important it is to stage a home in todays real estate market. The statistics were compelling: national average days-on-market (an industry standard) with a staged home is 1.35 months versus homes without staging at 10.4 months! The cost savings of a faster sale on average can be over $25,000.